On Wednesday 24th November, AKVA group together with SINTEF Ocean is hosting a workshop on trends and innovations in RAS in Trondheim, Norway.

​​The main aim of DIGIRAS is to close knowledge gap by digitalization of parameters and processes in RAS, which in turn will lead to more sustainable production under special attention of fish health and welfare.

Participants will hear about fish health & welfare, as well as associated risks in RAS. Talks will cover a scientific perspective, but also future claims of insurance companies to improve risk handling.

Large-scale impact of small-scale molecules, such as geosmin and H2S will be discussed with a focus on innovations in monitoring, modelling, and controlling them. In future, RAS operators will deal with large amounts of data. Handling this ‘big data’ requires a novel way of thinking for developing a digital architecture that meets tomorrow’s demands.

Given AKVA group’s experience in this field, we will share our knowledge on this topic. Finally, talks on how to ensure environmental sustainability of RAS will close the workshop.

Registration is now open: