The NRK Telethon is the largest information campaign and foundraising event in Norway. This year's TV Telethon represents a challenge that is of great importance to us all, and something AKVA group will support. The environmental and sustainability perspective is something we as suppliers to the aquaculture industry work on a daily basis in collaboration with the industry, which also gets an increased focus.

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The aquaculture industry is an important industry for Norway, and we perceive that the industry is aware of its responsibility in relation to developing production methods and facilities that are sustainable.

The entire industry is working together to improve, some routines are in place, while in other areas we are in a start-up phase. The majority of discarded plastic products are taken care of and reused or recycled, at the same time there is still a way to go.

AKVA group is one of the world's largest and leading suppliers of equipment and technology to the aquaculture industry. Our vision is "Technology for sustainable biology". AKVA group has an industrial approach to sustainability and seeks through development and delivery of relevant products / solutions and services, to help manufacturers achieve their goals, including the environment and sustainability. We want to work with both our customers and other companies that work with handling and recycling.

Plastic is an important component in our products and is also the main component in e.g. cages and boats, due to the unique quality when it comes to making products that are robust enough to meet the requirements.

It is important for us to contribute to our products being made from reusable materials where possible, and we want to contribute to the improvement and development of the entire value chain from raw material to product, collection after use, and reuse / recycling. We thus want to help lay the foundation for a circular economy.

In collaboration with the industry, AKVA group has come a long way when it comes to recycling nets (in collaboration with NOFIR), while we still have a way to go for our plastic pens. We have good solutions to minimize wear of feed hoses and avoid microplastics through our system for waterborne feeding.

Our range of measures;

  1. We build competence in collaboration with the industry and research environments
  2. We work with opportunities to use new technology, e.g. for documentation and tracking of plastic in the entire value chain
  3. We develop good durable, robust, recyclable products, services and methods, with the goal of minimal environmental impact throughout the life cycle. e.g. Styrofoam-free cages, waterborne lining, gentle washing of nets, etc.
  4. We also work with sustainability and the environment in areas other than plastics (including emissions), where we, among other things. delivers work boats with electric propulsion, electrification of feeding systems, shore power etc.

AKVA group has created a digital fundraising, and we encourage all our customers, suppliers and employees to make a contribution to this important purpose. Click here to give your contribution


About this year's TV campaign (taken from

Eight million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea every year. Plastic threatens not only wildlife, but also us. With concrete measures where the problems are greatest, this year's TV Telethon will take the plastic by the root. Together we will reduce plastic emissions and take care of the world's oceans!

This year's TV Telethon will tackle plastic in the sea by establishing and improving waste management for more than 900,000 people. In collaboration with local people, the authorities and the business community, we will reduce emissions of plastic to rivers and seas by 7,000 tons annually. We will collect and recycle rubbish that today ends up in nature, reduce the use of unnecessary plastic and work to ensure that decision-makers commit themselves to achieving WWF's goal of zero plastic going astray in 2030.

The TV Telethon is a national charity in which the whole of Norway participates: The Royal House, the Parliament, the government, county municipalities, municipalities, business, schools, congregations, teams and associations and local communities.