Over 400 individuals registered for a webinar that explored the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the aquaculture industry. The digital era demands innovative solutions to address the growing challenges within aquaculture, and here AI plays a crucial role.

The webinar, which is now available for viewing, offers unique insights into how AI technologies like feeding assistants and underwater cameras can enhance efficiency and promote sustainability in fish farming. These technological advancements open possibilities for precision aquaculture, an approach that could transform the industry by making it more efficient and sustainable.

Experts such as customer consultant Stein Hegvik, and Business Development Manager Håkon Brønstad from Submerged, shared their knowledge and experiences, highlighting the potential that lies in the integration of AI in aquaculture. Participants gained a thorough understanding of how these technologies can improve daily operations through automation and monitoring, as well as contribute to better fish health and reduced environmental impact.

The webinar emphasizes the aquaculture industry's shift towards a more technology-driven future, where AI plays a crucial role in ensuring sustainable and productive development.

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