Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett AS has placed an order for their third and fourth AC 450 Comfort barge from AKVA group. The barges are scheduled for delivery in spring/summer 2021. AC 450 Comfort feed barge from AKVA group

«Considering the activity level so far this year, we can tell that our customers have entered the new year with positive outlooks and clear ambitions. It’s our pleasure to help support their goals,” says Sales Director Nordic in AKVA group, Hans-Øyvind Sagen. 

Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett, based at Senja in Northern Norway, recently signed a contract for the delivery of two AC 450 Comfort barges with eight feeding lines from AKVA group. The barges, which are scheduled for delivery in March and June 2021, will be controlled from the company’s onshore remote feeding central and supplied exclusively by onshore power. They will have their own workshops, vet rooms, and modern living quarters which includes e.g. control room, kitchen, cabins, bathroom and wardrobe.

Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett goes green

«We already have two identical barges from AKVA group and quite satisfied. When we addressed the market, we found that there were minimal price differences between the providers. That made us decide on the same barge model, which will allow us to standardize the equipment at our sites,” says Fredd Wilsgård, General Manager at Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett AS.      

The company’s two previous barges were delivered in the autumn of 2014 and spring of 2017. The new additions will be close to identical, but with one important distinction: They will only be delivered with transformers and will never run on fossil fuels. 

«In 2020 we will electrify all of our sites, and in the long run we’re working towards that same goal for our fleet. For us who operate with green licenses, it’s important to be as green as practically possible,” Wilsgård points out.

The feed barge will be delivered with Akvasmart feeding system
AC 450 Comfort has been one of AKVA group’s most popular barge models in recent years, with spacious facilities for onboard personnel.

Regional Manager Jøran Strand in AKVA group values the trust that Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett has placed with the company.

«Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett is an important customer, and their latest order gives us good indications that we have done a lot right during previous deliveries. We will do our utmost to make the client happy with this delivery as well,” he promises. indications that we have done a lot right during previous deliveries. We will do our utmost to make the client happy with this delivery as well,” he promises.


Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett AS

  • Since its establishment in 1983, Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett AS has developed from being a small family company with one license and two employees to becoming a significant business at Senja in Norway
  • The company is part of the Wilsgård group, which cover the entire value chain from hatchery to processing and sales
  • Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett has five licenses, of which four are green licenses. The company also operates an educational license on behalf of Troms County
  • The company employs approx. 60 people and had a NOK 34 mill in earnings before taxes in 2018

AC 450 Comfort

  • Feed capacity: 450 tonnes divided between eight silos
  • Measurements: 26m length, 12m width
  • Feeding: Akvasmart feeding system with eight feeding lines
  • Hull: Designed for Hs < 4,0 m
  • Trafo: 1000V / 400V 315 kilovolt amperes for onshore power connection
  • Additional Equipment: Automatic hatch openers, Amco Veba crane V813 with 1.900kg winch and remote control, vet room and living quarters with control room, cabins, bathroom, kitchen, wardrobes and more