Feed Barges

Decades of experience and over 450 barges delivered world wide makes AKVA group stand out as the leading supplier of feed barges to the aquaculture industry.

AKVA group delivers feed barges in a wide variety of sizes and complexities. From efficient small feeding machines to robust feed barges designed for a safe and efficient workplace that aims to increase efficiency, uptime, and success at sea. Our designs also focus on more sustainable operations and reduced energy consumption and environmental emissions.

AKVA group - leading supplier of feed barges

Based on this shift, in recent years we have launched several fleet models with water transport of the feed, which in itself results in a reduction in energy consumption of over 80% during feeding, compared to a traditional fleet model with air transport of the feed.

The energy consumption for operating the entire facility could then potentially be reduced by up to 50%.

"From fjord to distant waters: AKVA group's feed barges deliver everywhere"

AKVA group can deliver feed barges suitable for a wide range of locations and climates. From traditional fjord operations in Norway to exposed operations at locations up to Hs 6.5. See our portfolio at the bottom of the page. AKVA group is also looking into the development of offshore models for the future of aquaculture at sea.

All barges are delivered complete, fully self-sufficient with AKVA group feeding systems, generator(s), control room, living quarters, safety equipment, and all other additional equipment installed, such as integrated handling systems for dead fish and silage, camera and sensor systems.

AKVA group feed barge

Feeding System at the Center

The primary purpose of feed barges is to provide the most efficient and reliable feed storage and feeding system for your aquaculture facility. At the same time, AKVA group's feed barges are designed to be safe and seaworthy, able to withstand the natural forces at the aquaculture site.

Feed storage, feeding system and control software

AKVA group offers a wide range of feed barges with varying sizes of feed storage, from 96 tons to 900 tons of feed. Depending on the storage capacity and model, there are between 4 and 16 feed silos. In addition to feed storage capacity, the barges have varying storage capacities for silage, industrial water, drinking water, and fuel, depending on the chosen barge model.

The centralized feeding system from AKVA group is the main system and the heart of each feeding barge. With more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing centralized feeding systems for the industrialized fish farming industry, AKVA group can equip feed barges with a feeding system that fits the customer's needs and type of barge model, from two to more than 16 parallel feeding lines.

Through over 450 deliveries, AKVA group's feed barges have been designed over time to meet the current and future challenges faced by our customers, ensuring reliable barges with good uptime, safe and secure operations, while being efficient in operation.

Barge accessories
For the various barge models, there is a lot of optional equipment available. To get a complete overview of what is suitable for the different models, you need to contact your sales representative.

Key Additional Systems for a Feed Barge Would Include:

  • Barge Control: A module in AKVA connect that keeps track and oversight of all processes on the barge. AKVA connect enables monitoring of all onboard systems (tank levels, operating parameters, alarm systems), and allows for remote operation externally via barge control.

  • Silage System: An important system onboard the barge is the treatment of dead fish. To maintain silage as a valuable product, it is crucial to process the raw material and the subsequent processing. AKVA group has designed a safe and efficient processing facility that gives customers the option to customize for the desired process method and capacity per location. AKVA group has designed a two-stage and high-capacity silage system that ensures a stable and valuable silage product from the dead fish.

  • Power supply: Our feed barges can be delivered with generator operation, hybrid operation with battery systems, or prepared for shore power. In some cases, a combination of these power supplies may be relevant. Hybrid power supply reduces generator operating time by 50-90%, cuts diesel consumption by up to 60%, and similarly reduces CO2 and NOx emissions. Hybrid operation can also be used for "peak shaving" to handle power peaks, even in a shore-powered facility which can reduce the sizing of both equipment and cables. Hybrid power supply significantly reduces the environmental footprint, and in combination with renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technology like waterborne feeding, good environmental results can also be achieved.

HSE and safety

AKVA group delivers feed barges that meet current HSE requirements in close dialogue with customers. Our products are intended to be perceived as a safe and secure workplace. All our feed barges come with fire and safety systems, where the water integrity of feed barges is secured with watertight bulkheads. Additionally, AKVA group has also chosen to install 2 bilge pumps in each bulkhead for secondary protection. There is also an option to monitor watertight doors within AKVA connect. The barge also has the possibility for other support systems like freshwater systems, industrial water systems, septic systems, diesel refueling systems, lifting systems, and more.

Exposed barge models

As the competition for fjord-near locations is intense, several new setups are being moved to more exposed locations. In this context, since 2015, AKVA group has included as part of our standard portfolio; barges for exposed locations. With our unique V-design on the barges and optimized design, we have established some barge models that are certified for up to Hs 6.5 to both withstand the great environmental forces and still be operable. The models are developed through analyses and testing and have a good track record in the market over the last 10 years. The fleet is designed with high loading capacity (minimum 600 tons of feed) for remote operation at locations where daily access is not possible due to bad weather. Our exposed models are therefore designed to be reliable, even on days when they must be remotely operated. Contact us for more information and how we can customize your feed barge for optimal operation.

Regulations for barges

Our barges are built according to definitions and specifications that comply with Norwegian regulatory requirements. NS9415:2021 is the current regulation for aquaculture facilities that underpins all our designs, also internationally along with Nytek23. Electrical installations are designed and built according to the current NEK400 regulation, and the feed barges are normally supplied with a TN-S 400V 50 HZ system in accordance with FEL, NEK for Aquaculture Facilities and Machine Regulations.

Network and IT on the barge are designed and delivered according to the NEK700 regulation. Ensuring that the fleet complies with all applicable HSE regulations is an important part of the design. AKVA group has also delivered facilities in accordance with Class-objects in our deliveries to Canada and is also familiar with deliveries to other "flag-nation" that we adapt our design to meet various requirements for certification or classification in our international deliveries.

Engineering resources

Our fleet team consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel both within aquaculture, but also ship design and building. AKVA group owns its own barge designs which we develop and standardize together with customers over time. Our designers are familiar with current regulations and design for an optimized product according to the customer's expectations and security. By having our own design resources, AKVA group also has the opportunity for custom design that goes beyond our standard portfolio. The design office also has opportunities for other design tasks such as conversions, optimization of existing facilities, or calculations.

Life extension

In cooperation with certification bodies, AKVA group's design department has also established a service around life extension on older feed barges. Contact your nearest service station for more information about the service.


3D tour of our newest feed barge models:


Leading supplier

Leading supplier

AKVA group is the world's leading supplier of feed barges with decades of experience and a wide range of high quality models up to 900 tons.

Complete operational control

Complete operational control

The control room is the heart of the barge. This is where the operator has all information available and control the entire feeding process.

A unique feeding system

A unique feeding system

All feed barges have built-in feed systems. The largest models are available with more than 16 parallel feed lines.

Gentle feed handling

Gentle feed handling

A custom feed certified dozer valve is transferring the feed into the flow. Combined with a smart air control, it wil ensure perfect feed handling.

Sound protected machine room

Sound protected machine room

The barges have spacious machine rooms with sound proofing. The large space also allows installation of more generators to increase the capasity.

Just like home

Modern facilities

Comfort is important! The feed barges from AKVA group have all the facilities you might need if desired; meeting rooms, comfortable living quarters, bathrooms, and pleasant common areas.


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