Feed systems

The central feed system concept was invented by AKVA group in 1980 and is today the world's best-selling feeding system.

AKVA group currently delivers two different types of feeding systems, which are based on airborne or waterborne transport of pellets.

Both of these systems are based on central feeding, where feed is collected from central silo storage on the barge and is then transported out to the pens using air or water.

In order to increase the flexibility of the systems, AKVA group also has an additional feed handling system, Flexible Feeding. This allows you to collect feed from all silos to all pens without manual handling of fish feed.

AKVA group sea based service and support

Service & support

As modern fish farming and the technology has become more advanced, the need for professional service and preventive maintenance has increased. AKVA group offers global professional service on all products.

Sea based


Cato Myrstad
Cato Myrstad Sales Manager SEA BASED - Mid of Norway
+47 900 39 744
Fredrik H. Westlye
Fredrik H. Westlye Product Sales Manager SEA BASED - Nordic countries
+47 928 35 281
Jøran Strand
Jøran Strand Sales Manager SEA BASED - North of Norway
+47 952 86 386
Jørn Sivertsen
Jørn Sivertsen Sales Manager SEA BASED - North of Norway
+47 918 43 747
Matthew Speke
Matthew Speke Technical Sales Manager Sea Based - UK & Ireland