Flexible Feeding is a smart add-on concept to airborne and waterborne feeding systems that makes it possible to distribute feed from all silos to all pens on the facility.

AKVA group fôringsrør

In a traditional feeding system, each silo is connected to one specific feed line. With Flexible Feeding, you will no longer have this restriction. Thus, the feed logistics and planning becomes a whole lot easier. Combine various feed types, pellet sizes, etc with just a few keystrokes.

The conveyor system lets you move feed from any silo to any buffer tank.

We install one buffer tank for each feed line inside the barge. A conveyor system lets you move feed from any silo to any buffer tank. With the help of load cells and the AKVA connect control system you will have full control of how much feed each buffer tank contains. Next, the traditional feed system will bring the feed from the buffer tanks to the pens. 

Flexible feeding

This video brings you an easy explanation of the functionality of the Flexible Feeding concept. 


AKVA group fôringssystem

Higher capacity and time savings

A high capacity conveyor system automatically moves feed from the main feed silos in order to keep the buffer silos full.

AKVA group fôringssystem

Outlet valves

The Outlet valves fills up to two buffer tanks, one at a time. An inspection lid on top enables easy inspections/cleaning.

AKVA group fôringssystem

Buffer tanks

The Buffer tanks are designed according to the client’s specifications. From the buffer tanks, the feed is fed through the normal central feed system to each pen.

AKVA group fôringssystem

Inlet valves 

The Inlet valves transfers pellets to the conveyor/feed pipe with minimum pellet damage.

AKVA group fôringssystem

Brush box

The Brush box handles excessive conveyed material, which will either be dropped back into the conveyor line or dropped into a recycle bin.

AKVA group fôringssystem

Gentle handling of pellets

With Flexible Feeding, the pellets are moved gently between the silos and buffer tanks in small pockets between the disks of the cable-pulling system.