Our feeding system is the perfect choice for feeding fish. The system is designed to fit all feeding regimes, from high to low capacity.

AKVA group's airborne feeding system has been the world's best-selling feeding system, both for land-based and pen-based farming since it was developed in 1980.

The feeding system is perfectly suited to all species fed with pellets. The system has built-in camera control, connection of environmental sensors and integration with AKVA fishtalk, our software for production control.

The feeding system will feed the correct amount of feed, at the optimal rate, on time and every time. This powerful system provides great opportunities to optimize the entire feeding process. All feeding and environmental data is stored in the AKVA fishtalk database. This unique integration provides full control and overview of all important factors for a successful production.

The system can handle more than 40 feed lines running in parallel and more than 1,000 tanks/units, all operated from one PC, iPad or smartphone. 

All components are tested through decades to ensure gentle feed handling. 

The correct amount of feed, at the optimal rate, on the right time, and every time

This powerful system provides great opportunities to optimize the entire feeding process. Both the feed system and its components have been tested through decades to ensure gentle feed handling. 

AKVA group feeding system

CCS Blowers

The Blower generates transport air for the feed system. The blowers are delivered in high-quality silencer cabinets which ensures a comfortable work environment.

AKVA group feeding system


The Feed Dosers transfer the feed into the air flow - up to 192 kg/min. with optimum pellet quality. Both Feed Doser Valves and Feed Augers with Sluice Valves are available.


AKVA group feeding system

Selector valves

The CCS product line includes a wide variety of Selector Valve models with connections from 4 to 60 feeding pipes and pipe dimensions from 32 mm (1”) up to 110 mm (4”).

AKVA group feeding system

Air Control System

Regulated air speed and keeping the pellet in the gentle feed handling area significantly reduce the risk of blockage and feed breakage.

AKVA group feeding system

Air Cooler

The Air Cooler reduces the temperature of the transport air above or below the surface.

AKVA group feeding system

Cleaning plug injector

The Cleaning Sponge is inserted into the feed system via the Feed Pipe Cleaner, and will be transported through the system by using pressured air. The sponge attracts feed residues and condense, reducing deposits inside the pipes to a minimum.


Rotor spreaders - extra careful feed handling

AKVA group rotorspreder

One of the most important factors for gentle feed handling is regulating transport air speed. Speed kills, also when it comes to feed systems. A reduction in the speed of transport of air provides a significant reduction in the amount of dust and breakage of the feed.

Rotor Spreaders are designed to provide excellent feed spread in pens. All our models have adjustable light weight aluminum rotor pipes that allow for lower air speed for start-up and rotation. This means less dust and breakage, power consumption, back pressure, air temperature, noise and wear and tear on the feed pipes. Our unique ventilated Zenon bearing requires no regular cleaning and does not corrode. 

Reduced feed waste - designed for excellent feed spread and gentle handling

Did you know that preventing only 1 percent feed waste in a larger fish farm can add a total of 300.000-600.000 NOK to the bottom line each year?


Extra low friction

The ventilated bearing has extra low friction, requires no regular cleaning and does not corrode.


Smart solutions

The twistable rotor tip is less curved and ensures more gentle feed care.


Rotorspreder Hex

Rotor Spreader Hex has a light weight but strong construction which ensures reliable performance in rough water.


Stability matters

The RS-63 and RS-90 models have a heavy keel weight in galvanized steel to keep them stable in rough seas.



The foam-filled HDPE pipes makes the floting base of the Rotor Spreader Hex practically unsinkable.


Easy to move around

The light weight construction of Rotor Spreader Hex makes it easy to install and move around.