There are many factors that could affect the fish’s environment, and it is important to raise awareness on biological mechanisms and challenges that are present in closed systems. To ensure the best possible conditions for growth of the fish, it is essential to know about the science behind every operation.

Optimizing biological performance

The PAS team’s line of work largely consists of demonstrating consequences of good and bad practices in biological performance. They work closely together with our customers in optimizing the processes in fish farms.

Providing expert advice

If the fish do not have optimal living conditions, they will lose appetite and the desired growth will not be reached. The PAS team can assist with answers to strategies in feeding, fish handling and other day-day challenges such as maintenance of the mechanical filtration system or washing of the biofilters chambers.

Systems perfectly adapted to the fish

Internally, the PAS team works together with engineers and designers, providing crucial information about the fish’s biological needs.

When you buy an AKVA group system, you can rest assured that the facility will be perfectly adapted to the fish. We will also be there, every step of the way - helping you succeed.

“The feedback we are getting from the fish farmers is that our service is highly appreciated. We take great pride in our work, and hope this service gives our customers greater peace of mind. They will not only get the best systems, but also customized help to succeed with their operation”

– The PAS team

Meet our experts

Production Advisory Services (PAS)

Tomas Mosquera

Advisor RAS Production Biology

Tomas comes from Chile, where he graduated with a Master in Aquaculture Engineering. After finishing his PhD on Biological Systems Engineering (UC Davis, California), he began working directly with the salmon industry in Chile. His experience in NIVA Chile and PatoGen helped expand his passion and understanding of water quality and the biological aspects of land-based fish farming.

Production Advisory Services (PAS)

Sebastiam M. Strauch

Advisor RAS Production Biology

Sebastian comes from Germany. He is a specialist in land-based aquaculture, holding a Master in Aqua-culture from Wageningen UR, and a doctorate from the University of Rostock.

Production Advisory Services (PAS)

Karoline Kjøk

Biotechnology Specialist

Karoline comes from Norway. She joined the PAS team Sept. 2022 after one year as a Biotechnology Specialist in R&D Land Based. She has studied veterinary medicine at Szent Istvan Uni in Budapest. She also holds a degree in Biotechnology, with specialization in molecular biology, from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. During her first year in AKVA group she gained extensive on-site experience.