Our Post-Smolt Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) is designed for growing large Smolt – fish of 400–800 grams.

The traditional size Smolt is a fish of around 100-200 grams. Experience has shown that the use of larger Smolt results in a shorter production time at sea. Typically, a Post-Smolt will be at sea for around one year, whereas a traditional Smolt would be at sea for one and a half years before it is ready for harvest.

A shorter time at sea reduces the threat of diseases and other risks that come with sea-based production. Larger Smolt is also stronger and more resistant than fish of a smaller size.

Post-Smolt strategies most often result in lower mortalities overall, and thus an improved economic feed conversion rate (eFCR), because of a bigger end-biomass ready for harvest. The use of larger Smolt will also typically reduce the overall production time from fry to fully-grown salmon by 3-4 months, depending on harvesting size.