Our net cleaning solutions are suitable for anything from small operations to large-scale fish farms. Net cleaning systems for all needs

Marine fouling leads to reduced water flow through the pens and reduced oxygen levels. It also causes the pen/net to become heavier, which leads to stress and in the worst-case scenario a breakdown of the pen construction. The algae growth may also cause disease and stress symptoms in the biomass.

With AKVA group´s net cleaning equipment the fish in the location will prosper in optimum growing conditions.

Suits every need

From small farm sites to large-scale fish farming companies. AKVA group has fit-for-purpose net cleaning solutions for every need. 

Set for the future

The high-end FNC8 ROV cleaner constitutes an economical and safe way to clean pens - this is the future of maintenance and inspections!

Minimal wear

Ensure the best possible conditions for your fish with minimal wear on the nets and without causing harm to the environment.


Effective Net Cleaning

Strong marine fouling on the net can stop the oxygen supply. Algae growth can increase bacterial loads and cause diseases and stress in the biomass.

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Perfect water flow

It is proven that increased marine fouling leads to reduced water flow. As a result, the oxygen-rich water will mostly flow around the pen.



Growth curve

Good water flows through the nets are crucial at high water temperatures. The growth curve is almost identical for most aquaculture species such as; trout, cod, halibut, sea bass and sea bream.