The AKVA FNC8 is a powerful remote net cleaning rig that can be operated via a handheld mobile console or from a control room. 

The Flying Net Cleaner 8 (FNC8) has a cleaning efficiency that outperforms nearly every other option. It is built with standard ROV components that are easy to clean and disinfect. It also has several built-in auto features and advanced IP camera systems and sensors for complete monitoring during the entire cleaning process. 

This ROV net cleaner is based on a patent-pending principle that ensures that the rig is in balance regardless of whether it cleans horizontally, vertically, or upside-down. 

The cleaning rig is easy to operate via a handheld mobile console or from a control room. A new and intuitive positioning system helps you keep track of which parts of the pen that has been cleaned and automatically generates necessary documentation for each job. 



AKVA FNC8 Multi Cleaning Tool adds even more cleaning abilities to the FNC. With the unique clamp design, it allows the FNC to clean ropes, chains, pipes, etc. using water from your existing high-pressure pump.




Principal advantages


  • The most gentle net cleaner available with thruster propulsion (no damages from wheels or tracks)
  • Electric propulsion makes it possible to maneuver the rig without activating the pump and ensures that the entire effect from the pump is used for cleaning
  • Easy to operate with automated functions
  • Prepared for autonomous operation
  • Robust components and rugged design
  • Open construction, easy to maintain and disinfect
  • Minimal waste spread
  • Four IP cameras as standard
  • Four LED lights as standard

Introducing AKVA FNC8 2.0

The new and improved AKVA FNC8 net cleaner supports a higher water flow, has an even larger cleaning surface, and is also offered with a new positioning system. Watch the cleaner in action in this video.