Aqua Nor takes place from 22-24 August offering a unique opportunity to experience the industry's latest insights and advancements. You can find us on the 2nd floor, at stand D-388, where AKVA group will be hosting a series of exciting presentations featuring skilled speakers.

On Tuesday, 22 August, the event kicks off with the "digital carousel" session at 11:00 AM, featuring AKVA observe, a groundbreaking AI-driven system designed to optimize fish farms' feed costs by utilizing real-time data and intelligent recommendations. The system has reportedly saved up to 10% of feed costs while increasing fish growth by 8%. Department Manager Håvard Stranden will also discuss the importance of data sharing in the industry, highlighting AKVA group's pioneering efforts in the data-driven aquaculture ecosystem.

The following day, Wednesday, 23 August, Arnstein Hosaas, the Innovation Director of R&D Sea Based, will delve into the concept of deep farming, exploring technology that separates salmon from sea lice by submerging biomass below the surface. This innovation not only improves fish health but also opens up new areas for aquaculture.

Finally, on Thursday, 24 August, AKVA group's expertise in fish tank development will be showcased by General Manager Land Based, Arnt-Magne Vollan. The company's 35-year history of producing high-quality fish tanks will be highlighted, emphasizing AKVA group's commitment to quality.

The speaker, Digital Director Tomas Huseby, will discuss AKVA group's dedication to supporting fish farmers through digital products like AKVA fusion, which utilizes data to enhance precision farming. This is part of AKVA group's overarching strategy to embrace technological advancements in order to shape the future of aquaculture.

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