"In today's aquaculture industry, we see that fish farmers are focused on high quality and cost-effective lighting. With AKVA sublumin, we can provide just that," says R&D Engineer Gunleik Sandsmark at AKVA group.

AKVA sublumin is AKVA group's latest underwater light, combining quality with an affordable price for your fish pens. With an impressive depth capability of up to 80 meters, AKVA sublumin meets the requirements for a robust and reliable solution in deep farming operations.

"The lights feature a sequential start-up, reducing power demand during initiation and providing a gradual increase in intensity when turned on. This helps avoid stress in the fish. Additionally, the cooling system for the lamps is efficient, utilizing a hollow core in aluminum bronze. Through the control panel, you can monitor which lamp is in use and their operational status. This is a unique feature in the market," says Sandsmark.

AKVA groupSandsmark has 10 years of experience in equipment testing and qualification, with a degree in petroleum engineering and previous expertise as a well-intervention specialist in the North Sea. He has been with AKVA group for two years. Photo: AKVA group.

"AKVA Sublumin boasts an impressive 600 W light output, generating 72,000 lumens with blue and green light. Up to four lamps can be connected to a control panel and managed using the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) universal standard for light control. The light chambers are filled with an optically clear material that minimizes the risk of water ingress and contributes to proper buoyancy," he concludes.


Suited for deep farming

AKVA group is the world's largest technology supplier to the aquaculture industry and has consistently led in adopting the latest technologies. AKVA sublumin is designed to be utilized throughout the entire life cycle of the fish. Whether used in deep farming operations or traditional fish pens, this underwater light consistently delivers favorable results.

The deep farming concept Nautilus is a submersible net system that provides optimal conditions for fish by avoiding surface disturbances and lice attacks.

Competitive in price and easy to install

Through strong partnerships with extensive experience in underwater lighting, AKVA group can deliver high-quality underwater lights at a cost-effective price.

"AKVA sublumin can be easily installed and is specifically designed for quick, secure mounting by handrail," says Sandsmark.

Do you need underwater lighting for your fish pen?

AKVA groupAKVA sublumin, which connects to a control panel.

Enhanced growth with artificial light

The proper use of artificial light in fish pens can delay sexual maturation. However, this requires the correct light frequency, and studies indicate that blue and green light are most effective (Stenkamp, 2011; Stien et al., 2014).

Research indicates up to 10-30 percent better growth with artificial light compared to natural light, along with improved feed efficiency (Hansen et al., 2017Imsland et al., 2017Soltveit, 2016Kråkenes et al., 1989).

"AKVA sublumin is the result of this research. The lighting in the fish pens assists feed operators in monitoring fish feed intake, providing the opportunity for more feeding hours per day," he states.

Consultancy is a key service

AKVA group has a close collaboration with fish farmers, and the team comprises dedicated experts in various fields, sharing a common goal of enhancing fish performance.

"We take pride in offering competent guidance and information tailored to your needs when considering our solutions for your specific use. At AKVA group, we are always ready to provide you with valuable advice and information to assist you in choosing the best solutions for your business," says Sandsmark.