AKVA group is ready to roll out the underwater technology that reduces lice treatment.

It has been a major goal to solve the challenge of salmon lice. In recent years, SinkabergHansen, in collaboration with AKVA group, has invested heavily in the development and testing of new pen technology.

SinkabergHansen points to good results in moving the salmon down into the depths.

In 2018, SinkabergHansen and AKVA group were awarded a development permit for the Atlantis Subsea Farming project. Here, technology and concepts were developed for deep farming in aquaculture.

Heavily reduced

Fish farmers count and report lice at all locations every week. Through several inspections, SinkabergHansen has received confirmation that the salmon lice challenges have been greatly reduced.

According to Project Manager for development Tronn-Ove Grindvik Øren in SinkabergHansen, there was not a single lice treatment this autumn when they harvest fish from one of their localities.

CEO Svein Gustav Sinkaberg of SinkabergHansen says that underwater feeding is an important part of keeping the fish in the depths.

In addition to AKVA group and AKVA group Egersund Net, he singles out Nærøysund Aquaservice and KB Gruppen as good and important knowledge partners in the development of deep farming solutions.

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