AKVA group OptiCage


A new pen concept against salmon lice.

OptiCage utilizes existing infrastructure to customize and optimize the conditions for the fish.

This results in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable production with better fish health, as well as reduced salmon lice infestations and mortality.

OptiCage is a pen concept designed to combat salmon lice and developed by AKVA group Egersund Net and Framo in collaboration with Northern Lights Salmon and Sørrollnesfisk.

Improved fish health, reduced mortality, and a more sustainable production with OptiCage.

A special net from AKVA group, featuring a tailored spaghetti net with a lice skirt, is utilized by OptiCage on the fish pens. The lice skirt can be lowered to 15 meters to keep the lice out, while pumps, Framo AquaStream developed by Framo, bring up fresh, oxygen-rich seawater from the depths. There is natural flow of fresh seawater underneath the lice skirt, and AquaStream pumps up to 15,000 m3 per hour, which is equivalent to a complete water exchange inside the lice skirt in under 100 minutes. This maintains the pen environment and fish welfare, while any lice larvae from, for example, internal contamination are quickly washed out of the pen. The pumps can be run at different capacities, and the amount of water moved can be adjusted to the biomass currently in the pen.

AKVA group Opticage

Pens equipped with OptiCage technology have been tested and installed on six 160-meter floating collars at the Ystevika site in South Troms, where the first six pens have already housed salmon. OptiCage is an exciting product that fights against salmon lice and promotes better fish health.

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AKVA group - Opticage

Can be used on existing equipment

OptiCage can be used on many of today's fish farming sites. In the design phase, much of the focus has been on finding practical solutions to ensure easy installation and safe operation. In addition to protecting against salmon lice, the salmon should have good growth and living conditions throughout the pen.

AKVA group OptiCage


AKVA group OptiCage


AKVA group OptiCage

  • A new tool for open fish pens
  • Great improvement over current lice skirts
  • Reuse of existing equipment
  • Can be used at common sites

Water Improver

AKVA group OptiCage Water Improver

  • Buoyancy buoy with integrated winch and feed spreader
  • 20-meter duct tunnel with nozzles at the top
  • Maintenance-free pump at the bottom
  • Moves approximately 15,000 m3 of water per hour from a depth of 20-22 meters (20 kW)
  • Produced in Hordaland, Norway

AKVA group OptiCage Framo sr2000_new-desgn

AKVA group OptiCage Lice Skirt


Lice skirt

  • 15 meters deep
  • Conical shape - adapted to the net bag
  • Tied to the net to avoid deformation
  • Zippers at both ends
  • Splash guard all the way up to the handrail
  • Tight fabric


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