TubenetTM is a safe and functional technical solution, which reduces the infestation of salmon lice, as well as preventing escapes. The fish will remain far below the surface, thus avoiding areas with the highest prevalence of lice. When the salmon rises to get air, it will be protected by a surrounding tarpaulin right up to the waterline.

The fish receive the same opportunities for growth, both in terms of good oxygen supply and optimal fish welfare. With proper use, lice infestation is reduced without handling the fish. If this construction is put in place at the right time, it could entail major financial savings in the form of less delousing or even no delousing at all.

The concept also gives the aquaculture industry new opportunities for AGD treatment by adding fresh water to the tube. In addition, any problems with holes in the top part of the net bag, caused by e.g., debris or boats, will be unproblematic as the fish are enclosed inside the net in deeper water.

The solution for effective reduction of lice infestation

The solution has been invented and patented by Egersund Net and has been thoroughly tested by several players. After successful tests at the Institute of Marine Research on a small scale and with large-scale fish farmers, Tubenet™ was granted a patent in 2014.


Technical solution

  • A smaller floating pen is mounted at the centre of the main pen. A straight-walled net bag is attached from the main floating pen.
  • A tarpaulin cylinder is mounted from the floating collar in the centre, which is stretched down to the desired depth. The tarpaulin has its own bottom ring and the weight of this ensures good opening and operation.
  • From the bottom of the tarpaulin, a net roof is stretched and connected to the wall of the net bag. This keeps the fish submerged and only provides access to the surface via the tube.
  • The Tubenet concept can be integrated into both new and existing solutions and we can offer many different configurations.