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Safe and solid mooring solutions that have been tested in rough weather worldwide.

In addition to meeting the absolute requirements for a stable and escape-proof fish farming facility, we offer consultancy, assurance, and expertise from the planning of site to the deployment of the finished facility. All mooring connections and components are certified according to the Norwegian Standard (NS) 9415.


The Omega concept - a groundbreaking mooring solution enabling sustainable fish farming in the most exposed locations. The Omega concept is a patented solution that introduces a direct connection between the sinker tube and the mooring system, limiting the net's horizontal movement.



We provide various types of sinker anchors based on seabed conditions, water depth, and preferences. The primary characteristic of an anchor is its holding power relative to its own weight, and here our Aqua HP anchor takes the lead. Additionally, we supply plow anchors and patent anchors, as well as T-bolts. The latter is used on rocky seabeds and can be installed at a depth of 500 meters using the Sub-Fighter ROV with Rock Drill.

Safety first - experienced crew and certified solutions

Alongside maintaining the facility's stability, proper mooring plays a crucial role in the work environment and the safety of the personnel involved in the operation of the fish farming facility. A facility that is both secure and stable directly contributes to increased work comfort and a significant reduction in the potential risk of accidents.

Mooring for deep farming solution

To address the challenge of salmon lice in the industry, AKVA group has developed deep farming solutions. This highly successful concept involves lowering the biomass below the lice belt to ensure good fish health and growth. Naturally, we provide mooring for this solution. Our advisors, in collaboration with the customer, will assess whether there's a need for an entirely new facility or a supplement to an existing mooring system.

Mooring Analysis

Our marine engineering department is an accredited inspection body for mooring analyses (in accordance with Nytek / NS9415:2009 and Nytek23 / NS9415:2021). The engineers in the department have extensive and diverse experience, providing net analyses, spreader system analyses, and other engineering services. The department is a part of AKVA group's skilled innovation team and has, throughout the years, developed new solutions and products in close collaboration with customers and the industry.

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A customized cost-saving mooring system that is easy to install and has high breaking strength.

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Service & support

As modern fish farming and the technology has become more advanced, the need for professional service and preventive maintenance has increased. AKVA group offers global professional service on all products.

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Øystein Røvik
Øystein Røvik Account Manager Mooring SEA BASED - Nordic
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Erlend Mæland
Erlend Mæland Marine Engineer SEA BASED - R&D
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Isabelle Sande
Isabelle Sande Head of Mooring SEA BASED - Nordic
+47 902 99 808
Daniel Haugane Aas
Daniel Haugane Aas Account Manager Mooring SEA BASED - Nordic
+47 482 72 602
Lovise Kjellevold
Lovise Kjellevold Marine Engineering SEA BASED - R&D
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Magnus R. Bollmann
Magnus R. Bollmann Global Solution Managers Marine Infrastructure SEA BASED - R&D
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Michael Windfeld
Michael Windfeld Field Operations Manager, Marine Infrastructure SEA BASED - Nordic