AKVA group takes part in various tasks ranging from technical support for sales, certification, project management and product development.

We are involved when our costumers need minor adjustments of existing solutions or when new bigger concepts are being developed. The former with a timeframe of a few hours, the latter requiring maybe years of commitment.

AKVA group Marine engineering

We work with the aim to always deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions according to the costumer’s requirements, never compromising safety or compliance with applicable regulations.

Starting as a small engineering department in Egersund Net we are now an important part of AKVA group’s Sea Based Innovation division. 



Our services:
  • Accredited Mooring analyses
    - Through our accreditation INSP 072 we offer approved analyses of mooring systems on conventional fish farms, feed barges or other marine fish farms designs. 
  • Net analyses
    - For certification purposes, part of development projects or upon costumer requests. 
  • Engineering consulting services
    - Structural engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Marine engineering
  • 3D modelling and design
    - We use AutoCAD, Inventor and SolidWorks to create drawings, illustrations and to carry out local structural analysis. 
  • Weighting system analyses
    - AKVA group offers a first-of-its-kind engineering consulting service to determine not the maximum nor the minimum, but the optimal weighting system for a given net and location. The analysis considers both extreme and operational environmental loads and seeks to optimize fish performance throughout the generation, without compromising safety.
  • Product development and innovation
    - Our involvement in development of new products can arise from a costumer’s need for a tailor-made solution, but also from innovative ideas with origin within the company.