The pens provide an ideal platform for fish farming. Wide non-slip walkways with high free-board around all sides of the pens allows full flexibility of operation and easy access from pen to pen. This is becoming essential for good fish husbandry and maintenance.

The compactness and simplified mooring arrangements make Wavemaster steel pens a very attractive option for many sites. The pens provide a safe and secure support platform for your nets and are known for their high reserve buoyancy which is crucial in case of sudden excessive net loads.

Unique features

  • Wide non-slip walkways with high free-board around all sides of the pens. 
  • Safe and stable hot dip galvanized pen construction. 
  • Compact and simplified mooring arrangements. 
  • Patented moulded rubber hinge system.
  • All components are hot dip galvanized.


AKVA group steel pens

Safe and strong

  • All components are hot dip galvanized.
  • Bushing type hinge for less exposed sites
  • Self-draining tops make it easier to maintain
  • Rugged, galvanized net rods, hooks and railings
  • UV stabilized rotational moulded MPE Floats, filled with exanded Polystyrene foam.

Well proven and reliable
Steel pens are suitable for sites with moderate exposure and strong tidal currents. Combined with a global sales and service network, the Wavemaster Steel Pens are a well proven concept. The large number of pens currently in use, operating under diverse wave and wind conditions world wide, has demonstrated the reliability of the Wavemaster design.

Cost effective
Wavemaster began producing steel pens in Ireland in 1985, in Canada in 1988 and in Chile in 1990, and today supplies pens to several markets. Produced locally and designed to suit local markets, Wavemaster provides the most cost effective steel pens available to the industry.  

Pen models
The most popular Wavemaster Pen models are the EX-0 pens in:
10 x 10m (30´ x 30´), 15 x 15m (50´ x 50´) 20 x 20m (60´ x 60´), 30 x 30m (100´ x 100´) and 40 x 40m (130´ x 130´).