AKVA group polarcirkel

When nature rebels, you need equipment you can trust. Polarcirkel  pens gives you an efficient, safe and secure platform even in extreme weather conditions.

AKVA Group is the worlds largest provider of solutions for the aquaculture industry. We provide the complete technology and equipment solutions to enable fish farmers to operate sustainably, both with regards to the fish welfare and to leave a smallest possible environmental footprint.

Our solutions for marine infrastructure and precision feeding are based on 50 years of experience with helping our clients and partners operate in the harshest of conditions. We supply everything from commodity components that clients request specifically to complete tailor-made solutions for new developments that are highly adopted and uniquely developed for one specific client at one specific location.

AKVA group plastikk polarcirkel merd røft vær

Pens in recycled material and without polystyrene
AKVA group has removed polystyrene in the fabrication of all plastic cage PE piping. AKVA group are working extensively to reduce plastic waste, cuts, spill and drift-off during the assembly processes and introduced new polystyrene-free pens to the market. In 2021, AKVA group and Plasto developed walkways based on recycled material from discarded cages. At the end of 2021, AKVA group, Plasto and Oceanize received grants from the Norwegian Retailer´s Environment Fund for a project developing pens entirely based on recycled material.