AKVA group polarcirkel

On this model, forces from the moorings are absorbed through powerful flat straps around the floating pipes. The flat straps are held in the desired position by means of stoppers. 

All clamps on this model are also locked using mirror-welded stops, and for this cage model we are still talking about permissible forces in the cock foot well over 35 tons in the accident condition. This model requires very little maintenance, and it will be a very good alternative for those who do not need extreme allowable forces in the bridle.

AKVA group polarcirkel 500R-Combi

AKVA group polarcirkel 500R-Combi

Its superior structural strength has made AKVA Polarcirkel a preferred choice for fish farmers all over the world. Extensive use of HDPE in our brackets eliminates corrosion, minimizes expensive and difficult maintenance and substantially increases pen lifespan.

  • Made from non-corrosive high-quality Polyethylene (HDPE100)
  • The pen is styrofoam free, something that eliminating the risk of pollution, which gives a smaller environmental footprint, at the same time as requirements for residual buoyancy in accordance with NS9415 are met
  • Our new solution with chamber division (without Styrofoam) eliminates the danger that the pen sinks
  • Fortified stanchions (180mm) and railing pipes (160mm) enhances the pen’s loading capacity. Reinforced stanchions and railing pipes the pen to "carry" more accessories (cleaning fish shed, power cabinet, camera / winch, etc.) than most competing solutions
  • Built-in bird net pole sockets
  • New integrated net connection system
  • Centre distance between inner and outer floating pipes 1100mm. Width of walkways 1205mm
  • Strong bollards for mooring boats to the pen
  • Recessed box for sinker tube suspension
  • Several smart add-on options, including outer railing
  • Fastening for mooring with normal strap fastening around the floating pipes (500R)

A well proven concept

On the 500R Combi, all clamps are locked at the right position using mirror-welded stops. The use of Styrofoam is eliminated, and the pipes are divided into waterproof chambers on this model. Together with reinforced stanchions and railing pipes, a tighter fit between the brackets and the main floating pipes, and smart details such as built-in fasteners for bird net rods this make the Polarcirkel 500R Combi a very good alternative if you do not need the same extreme cock foot forces as on the 500R.

  • Dimensioned for all mooring loads
  • No styrofoam
  • Delivered in 100 - 240 m circumference

Experience is a crucial sucess factor in the fish farming business. AKVA group invented the first plastic pen in 1974 and has since supplied thousands of pens all over the world. All AKVA Polarcirkel pen designs are carried out by our professional R&D department. 
Independent consultants in marine engineering, together with our own engineers and specialists, have performed advanced static and dynamic analysis to ensure all designs meet or exceed expected real life loads as well as applicable industry standards.

Everything we produce have undergone material and function tests, approved by our certification agency.