Traditionally, sinker rings have been maneuvered using boat cranes or other mechanical lifting methods.
This is a demanding task where the sinker ring must be raised gradually in a sequential movement around the pen. This requires logistics, limited time due to weather, significant HSE risk, and is expensive. With the PLS500R system, the winches are connected to the sinker ring with a Dyneema quality rope and can raise and lower the sinker ring evenly from all 10 lifting points.

160-meter pens are supplied with 10 winches, all evenly distributed around the pen.


  • AKVA group’s PLS500R-10 is certified according to NS9415:2021.
  • The product is supplied with Dyneema winch rope, which raises and lowers the sinker ring with a smooth lift under controlled conditions.
  • The AKVA 500R-10 Winch can be retrofitted on-site.
  • A similar solution has been on the market in Scotland for several years, with great success. This success is now being carried on to Norway.
  • History shows that it is a well-functioning product, without large unforeseen service costs.