AKVA group camera system

Camera systems

AKVA group has a complete product range from basic monochrome fixed cameras to moveable pan and tilt cameras above and below the surface.

Full overview and control: From basic fixed dual pan/tilt color cameras to advanced IP surveillance cameras. Our cameras cover all our needs.

AKVA group sea based service and support

Service & support

As modern fish farming and the technology has become more advanced, the need for professional service and preventive maintenance has increased. AKVA group offers global professional service on all products.

Sea based


Cato Myrstad
Cato Myrstad Sales Manager SEA BASED - Mid of Norway
+47 900 39 744
Fredrik H. Westlye
Fredrik H. Westlye Product Sales Manager SEA BASED - Nordic countries
+47 928 35 281
Jøran Strand
Jøran Strand Sales Manager SEA BASED - North of Norway
+47 952 86 386
Jørn Sivertsen
Jørn Sivertsen Sales Manager SEA BASED - North of Norway
+47 918 43 747