Our advanced video camera and sensor systems monitor both the fish and the feeding process. This ensures optimum operations and a healthy environment for both people and fish.

Full overview and full control

Flexible camera solutions, like monochrome feeding cameras or winch-controlled pan & tilt 360o Twin color cameras, provides crystal clear pictures.

Crystal clear images - first choice feeding cameras

AKVA groups cameras have been produced for more than 20 years. Usability, reliability and crystal clear images are on the top of our agenda, which is reflected in our portfolio of dedicated camera solutions.

AKVA group fisk net

Feeding control

AKVA connect is a powerful and advanced software for daily control of all your feeding processes. Combined with AKVA group CCS Feed System, it is the most adaptable and user friendly system on the market.

AKVA group monitor system

Camera control

Both analog and digital cameras are integrated into the system, and are fully controllable from any site or position. Multiple scalable camera windows can be shown and controlled directly on screen and monitored via the Internet.

AKVA group environmental control

Environmental Control

Monitor and control all parameters in your production environment to secure maximum stability in your system. Temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH, etc.