AKVA group’s HDPE tanks with steel reinforcement

A fish tank is not just a tank; it is a complete solution of integrated design making things come together as one. The flow pattern must be optimal for the fish to thrive, and the self-cleaning effect must be efficient.

AKVA group

Hygienic surface

The most common feedback as to why fish farmers prefer our tanks is its hygienic surface. The inner tank is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE has hydrophobic properties that means nothing sticks well to this very smooth surface. Cleaning the tanks is faster and more time can be spent on producing fish. The HDPE surface of the tank will not crack over time and there will be no need for top-coating.

100% flexible size

Unlike most other tank concepts, AKVA group´s tanks are 100% flexible with regards to diameter, height, and bottom slope. This makes it easy to adapt the tank delivery to perfectly match other factors influencing the project - such as the available area. We mainly supply round tanks as the round design provides the best distribution of water circulating in the tank.

Safety for fish and fish farmers

The strength of the steel reinforced HDPE tanks stems from the combination of a strong and rigid steel reinforcement combined with a flexible HDPE inner tank. The HDPE material is slightly elastic, taking up the weight of the water forcing it evenly on the steel structure. The HDPE material "lives" and will shrink/expand as temperature changes without the risk of cracking with thermal shocks such as when adding cold water to a tank in a high ambient temperature.

Furthermore, a jump screen is available as a clip-on extension to avoid fish jumping out of the tank. The jump screen is easy to remove when better access to the tank is needed.

Optimum optical conditions

Having delivered a range of tanks we have experienced that fish thrive better surrounded by specific colours. Many customers have reported enhanced growth in our tanks - which we believe is related to optimal optical conditions for controlling smoltification and for pellet contrast. Fish seem to perform best in our light grey or light blue tanks. The surface of the inner tanks is not too shiny – avoiding light reflections.

Export friendly, efficient installation

AKVA group has delivered more than 1,000 HDPE fish tanks. Most of them in Norway – but also in Canada, Chile, Scotland, Iceland, and the Faroes.

The HDPE tank material makes it efficient and secure to connect to other PE equipment such as mortality removal systems, inlet and outlet pipes, fish handling systems, brackets for emergency oxygen etc. The tank steel plates, and the HDPE material can be packed very compact reducing cost for shipment and transport to site. The installation of the tanks is flexible and can be adapted to the tight time schedule that often comes with large project execution.