The inlet system consists of a jet pipe while the outlet system consists of an outlet box, an outlet pipe and a side outlet.

The inlet system:
The jet pipe is an important tool to optimize the flow rate, and training conditions for the fish and provide clean oxygenated water to the tank.​

The jet pipe has the function of mixing fresh water into the fish tank and at the same time providing an optimal current. AKVA group’s jet pipe is designed in a way that maintains a good mixing of oxygen even at low water levels in the tank.​ Adjustable direction and nozzle size are one of the prerequisites for the production of healthy and strong fish with the lowest possible FCR.

AKVA group

AKVA group

The outlet system:
Outlet box: The box is placed outside the tank, which makes it possible to remove dead fish without stressing the fish in the tank and is made in a good working height for the operators to reduce injuries. All water, dead fish and feed are passed through the outlet regulation box with weirs controlling outlet flow patterns.​

An outlet pipe: Most of the water goes through the center pipe. The height to the bottom can be adjusted to have the best cleaning properties.​ This can also be provided with a center screen.

Side outlet: AKVA group also recommends a side outlet. The side outlet works in that a partial flow of the outlet is led through the side of the tank, and then up in the outlet box. It can also be useful for the depletion of the tank.