This luminaire is utilizing high-intensity LED technology with an almost four times more effective light source than the BlueLED 100W. The blue color has proven to have a very good effect on fish biology. LED luminaires can provide more effective output from each luminaire compared to other lamp technologies.

It saves cost on power generators, less power use, and uses less copper in the installations. All this is in addition to the long service life of the luminaire. 

Expected service life of 70,000 hours

The LED bulbs emit an even blue light, while metal halogen provides clear daylight appearing blue green underneath the surface.

Blue led

An extra strong construction of POM (PolyOxyMethylene/Delerin) that is almost maintenance free.

Blue led

Standard 35m or 55m rugged underwater cable (urethane-cable), and a waterproof connection plug.

ISO approved Pyro Borosilicate glass to withstand rough use in pen farming operations.