AKVA group is investing in high-quality mooring solutions. A great example is the Cargill fish farming facility in Oltesvik, Gjesdal, which uses AKVA group's mooring system. Sea Site Manager Kjetil Frafjord states that he has complete confidence that the mooring system will ensure the stability of the facility even during challenging winter storms, changing wind conditions, and strong currents. AKVA group's mooring provides fish farmers with a secure solution for both conventional facilities and deep farming operations.

At the Cargill site, mooring equipment with Alfaring as the coupling point and 2-point plough anchors has been chosen. The mooring system is interconnected with high-quality chains, shackles, and ropes. Cargill also utilizes AKVA group's nets, top nets, float rings, cameras, and power cabinet to ensure optimal operations.

"We chose AKVA group's mooring system based on the best-qualified supplier criteria, including innovation, expertise, and support. Access to their advisory team from the initial stages to the operational phase ensures a stable and successful process," says Kjetil Frafjord, who is responsible for Cargill's test facilities at sea.

Facilitating deep farming operations

AKVA group provides complete mooring systems for conventional operations, such as Cargill's facility, both as new installations and as additions to existing facilities. The mooring systems are well-suited for the deep farming concept Nautilus, a submersible net system that provides optimal conditions for fish by avoiding surface disturbances and lice attacks. OptiCage is another innovative pen concept that can utilize the existing infrastructure provided by AKVA group to improve fish health by reducing lice issues, thus promoting more sustainable production.

"Our advisors evaluate various solutions in collaboration with the customer. A robust mooring system keeps the facility secure and prevents escapes. The Alfaring have a high capacity for multiple attachments, which simplifies further development, such as future deep farming solutions if desired later on. We prioritize sustainability in all our products and find the optimal solution in cooperation with our customers. Our mooring solutions are 100 percent customized for each customer and location," says Business Development Manager Mooring, Isabelle Sande at AKVA group.

AKVA groupThe fish farming facility of Cargill with mooring solutions provided by AKVA group. Photo: AKVA group. 

Reliable, stainless-free, and cost-effective mooring solution

AKVA group's Alfaring is a specially developed and patented coupling point with high tensile strength. It consists of a robust ring constructed from 7 braided steel ropes protected by solid polyurethane. It weighs 54 kg, is flexible, and can withstand loads of up to 220 tons. When combined with similar coupling points of the same type, it forms a strong coupling unit without the use of seawater-exposed steel. Alfaring is easy to install, requires fewer inspections, and reduces maintenance and operational costs.

"Our mooring systems are cost-effective and enhance the safety and lifespan of the fish farming facilities. It's a solution that makes it easy for fish farmers to maintain and operate their facilities safely," says Sande.

All mooring components are certified according to the Norwegian Standard (NS) 9415.

Do you have questions about which anchoring system is best for you? Please contact Isabelle Sande here.

AKVA groupStandard fish pen with Omega mooring. Photo: AKVA group. 

AKVA group
Nautilus with Omega mooring. Photo: AKVA group. 

The Omega Mooring Concept

The patented Omega concept prioritizes the well-being of fish with its innovative solution. Omega provides a more stable fish farming environment and helps maintain the well-being and growth of fish by ensuring a large net volume in the most exposed locations. Omega consists of a new connection between the sinker tube and the mooring system to reduce the horizontal movement of the sinker tube, and thus the net, effectively. By maintaining the net volume under the influence of strong currents, Omega improves water and oxygen flow, benefiting fish welfare and growth.


Consulting Services

AKVA group offers comprehensive services, including consulting and assembly assistance, to assist with the installation of facilities. AKVA group's department is accredited according to NS9415:2021 for conducting anchoring analyses and provides engineering services and product development and innovation support.

"This is essential for understanding the fish farmers' needs and ensuring they make the right choice. I am pleased that Cargill has chosen to implement AKVA group's mooring system with Alfaring. Our advisory team has developed a deep understanding of their approach, and it is always a valuable opportunity for us at AKVA group to learn from those who work directly on the fish farming facilities," says Sande.