Over the past two years there has been an increase in demand for AKVA group’s Polarcirkel boats in Canada.

AKVA group has delivered a large number of boats to the Canadian market, ranging across its entire portfolio from the smallest to the largest models.

"We've witnessed a substantial rise in our boat deliveries to Canada. Over the last 12 months, we've provided many specialized workboats, net cleaners, and pens of varying sizes, meeting the notably high demand," says Brian Bosien, General Manager of North America in AKVA group.

Polarcirkel workboats, equipped with Class B or Class A storm readiness ratings, are designed to navigate through challenges efficiently and safely.

 "The high demand for Polarcirkel may be attributed to our specialized design and construction that meet the unique challenges posed by the rugged conditions in Canadian waters," says Bosien.

High quality

The construction of Polarcirkel boats sets them apart from other suppliers of similar design. Bosien notes that the boats offer durability and greater stability due to their construction, which distinguishes them from Class C-rated boats made by other suppliers using similar materials.

The quality, craftsmanship, and precision executed by experts contribute to the reliability of AKVA group's workboats.

“The demand for these boats is expected to further escalate as other producers recognize their quality and reliability. We are also exploring expansion into other markets, such as harbour authorities,” says Bosien.