AKVA group is recognized as a pioneer and technology driver in the global aquaculture industry for more than 30 years. Today, the company is the world´s largest supplier, from single components to large, advanced and tailor made pen based aquaculture projects.
2022-05-24 14:06
Meet us at AquaVison 13-15 June
AquaVision is the world's premier aquaculture business conference, and AKVA group is a proud sponsor. Leaders from the global aquaculture industry gather to gain inspiration and insight.
2022-05-20 08:27
New interim General Manager in AKVA group Helgeland Plast
Freddy Bakken Braseth becomes interim General Manager in AKVA group Helgeland Plast. He takes on the position 1 June and will replace Finn Ola Helleberg.
2022-04-28 09:52
Setting new standards in the Mediterranean
AKVA group delivers first-of-its-kind feed barge in Greece and the Mediterranean as Philosofish has chosen AKVA group as a supplier of an AM400 Classic feed barge. A feed barge of this size is groundbreaking in the region.
2022-03-28 07:49
Egersund Net with documented quality
Egersund Net and their seven service stations along the Norwegian coast have been approved and found in compliance with the GlobalG.A.P. standard. «Egersund Net will be a leader in sustainability, and this is an important step in the process,» says General Manager Glenn Mo.
2022-03-22 10:09
Atlantis Subsea Farming completed
Atlantis Subsea Farming (Atlantis) has been a close collaboration between SinkabergHansen, AKVA group and Egersund Net (now wholly owned by AKVA group) since 2018. Upon completion, AKVA group has made an agreement with SinkabergHansen regarding the sale of the shares in Atlantis. As a part of the transaction, AKVA group will become the owner of the technology that has been developed in Atlantis.
2022-03-07 08:32
Brings new life to disposed aquaculture equipment
12 years of investing in sustainability have provided significant results. Egersund Net has delivered almost 17,000 tonnes of discarded nets and other equipment for aquaculture to Nofir - of which 2225 tonnes have been delivered in 2021.
2021-12-20 09:44
The world's first pen in recycled materials
AKVA group will, together with Plasto and Oceanize, break the barriers to using recycled plastic in fish farms. The entire pen will now be composed of recycled materials in a development project that has just been allocated funds from the Norwegian Retailer´s Environment Fund (Handelens Miljøfond).
2021-11-22 12:49
AKVA group has developed pens free of polystyrene
AKVA group wants to make pens more sustainable and has previously developed walkways in recycled plastic. Now, the entire pen portfolio is also free of polystyrene.
2021-11-16 08:23
New General Manager in Land Based Norway
Arnt-Magne Vollan is appointed new General Manager in AKVA group Land Based Norway at Sømna.
2021-11-09 08:47
New feed barge deal in Iceland
The Icelandic fish farm company Háafell ehf has chosen AKVA group as a supplier of an AC450Comfort feed barge to be put into operation at the company's locations in western Iceland. This is the company´s first feed barge.
2021-10-28 10:55
Trends and innovations in RAS
On Wednesday 24 th November, AKVA group together with SINTEF Ocean is hosting a workshop on trends and innovations in RAS in Trondheim, Norway.
2021-10-11 14:25
AKVA group attracts attention on the road
Due to Covid-19 and restrictions, many fish farmers could not travel to the Aqua Nor exhibition in Trondheim in August. With AKVA group's roadshow, they still get the opportunity to get updated on the latest fish farming technology for sustainable aquaculture - in their own neighbourhood