Battery Packs

Principal advantages

Mort collector system
  • 50 - 90% reduced generator time
  • Up to 60% reduced total diesel consumption, including barge operation 
  • Up to 60% reduction in CO2 and NOX emissions
  • If you plan to hook up your barge to onshore power, you can use a smaller cable crosssection, thus reducing connection costs





battery chemistry blaa copy
Li-NMC battery chemistry is able to withstand numerous charge cycles.
Three standard storage capacities: 115 kW, 173 kW and 230 kW.
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120 kW is enough to operate the entire barge on pure battery power. You can run the battery and generator at the same time to achieve even more power.
charging time blaa copy
The batteries are charged from 10 to 100% in 75 minutes.
cycles blaa copy
One cycle = from 100-0% and back to 100% again. In reality, the number of cycles will increase considerably because the batteries are not allowed to run completely empty.
lifetime blaa copy
The battery pack has a 10 year performance warranty and 5 year product warranty.

The battery is "The Boss"

All consumers including feed blowers can be run on battery.
  • All consumers, including feed blowers, can be run on battery
  • Generators are only used to charge the battery
  • Solar and wind power can be added in addition to smart control that will enable the system to turn off generators in case, for example - the weather report is good
  • If you plan to hook up your barge to onshore power, you can use a smaller cable cross-section, thus reducing connection costs

Contacts: Norway & Nordic

Cato Myrstad
Sales Manager, Region Mid
Vignir Bjartsson
Sales Manager NetCleaning - ROV