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These robust Open Workboats offer great design, quality build, unique flexibility, user-friendliness and low maintenance. Polarcirkel RBBs (Rigid Buoyancy Boats) are self-bailing, unlike conventional RIBs, and have rigid pontoons filled with polystyrene. Combined with 21-degree V-shaped hull, this design makes a virtually unsinkable boat with unique stability and excellent seaworthiness. 

All Polarcirkel boats are tested in extreme conditions all over the world. They are loaded with smart details and unique features for safe operation in tough conditions, with an emphasis on safety and the environment. The PE-100 plastic is LNG-based with great recycling properties. 

The 580, 685, 785 and 860 models are offered with new hull designs. The bow has been raised by approximately 25 cm to provide increased comfort at high speeds with less spray.

Now the entire Work series comes with a new profile and even better solutions!

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Smart design

The 580, 685, 790 and 860 models are offered with a new smart hull design, giving better lift and forcing the spray out to the sides.

Polarcircel boat

Available with inboard

Open Workboats are also available with inboard diesel engines from 100 HP and up. The inboard series ranges from 6,85 to 8,45 meters.

Tailor-made Polarcirkle boat


AKVA group delivers tailor-made workboats for professional users, such as fish farming, coast guard, navy, fire department, police, tour operators etc.

Flexible solutions Polarcirkle boat

Flexible solutions

Polarcirkel has flexible model solutions, such as Polarcirkel Sport, with removable cockpit canvas for windy or rainy days.

AKVA polarcirkel boat

Safety details

Smart details such as sloping pontoons with integrated steps and handgrip, make it easier to get back onboard from the water.


Designed for extreme conditions!
Polarcirkel RBBs (Rigid Buoyancy Boats) are self-bailing, unlike a conventional RIB, and have rigid pontoons filled with polystyrene. Combined with 21 degree V-shaped hull, this design makes a virtually unsinkable boat with unique stability and excellent seaworthiness.